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Airport Taxi

These are the taxis that usually wait at Narita Airport for fares. They are for general use, and can also be reserved ahead of time to travel to any of Tokyo's 23 wards for a special flat rate.

Ex. Narita Airport - Tokyo

Regular taxi

About 26,020 yen

Narita Airport Taxi

20,000 yen
About 23%cheaper!

The flat rate differs depending on the time.

Airport Car Flat Rates

By making reservations in advance, it is possible to travel to any of the destinations in Tokyo, shown below, for the following flat rates. The driver will meet you with a welcoming name board at a predetermined location.

・Tolls are extra on the Bayshore Route.
・During late night hours (23:00~5:00), there is a surcharge.

Edogawa-ku, Katsushika-ku, Adachi-ku

Keiyo Road Route
Flat Taxi Rate16,000円
Late Night Rates19,600円
Bayshore Route
Flat Taxi Rate18,500円
Late Night Rates22,200円
Aqualine Route
Flat Taxi Rate37,500円
Late Night Rates45,100円

Koto-ku, Sumida-ku, Daiba / Minato-ku, Higashiyashio / Shinagawa-ku

Keiyo Road Route
Flat Taxi Rate19,000円
Late Night Rates23,300円
Bayshore Route
Flat Taxi Rate19,500円
Late Night Rates23,400円
Aqualine Route
Flat Taxi Rate35,500円
Late Night Rates42,900円

Chuo-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Taito-ku, Bunkyo-ku, Arakawa-ku

Keiyo Road Route
Flat Taxi Rate20,000円
Late Night Rates24,200円
Bayshore Route
Flat Taxi Rate21,500円
Late Night Rates26,000円
Aqualine Route
Flat Taxi Rate36,000円
Late Night Rates43,400円

Shinjuku-ku, Nakano-ku, Shibuya-ku, Meguro-ku, Minato-ku(except Daiba), Shinagawa-ku(except Higashiyashio), Ota-ku, Toshima-ku

Keiyo Road Route
Flat Taxi Rate22,000円
Late Night Rates26,300円
Bayshore Route
Flat Taxi Rate22,500円
Late Night Rates27,100円
Aqualine Route
Flat Taxi Rate31,500円
Late Night Rates37,900円

Kita-ku, Itabashi-ku, Nerima-ku

Keiyo Road Route
Flat Taxi Rate23,500円
Late Night Rates28,400円
Bayshore Route
Flat Taxi Rate25,000円
Late Night Rates30,000円
Aqualine Route
Flat Taxi Rate39,500円
Late Night Rates47,800円

Setagaya-ku, Suginami-ku, Mitaka-shi, Musashino-shi

Keiyo Road Route
Flat Taxi Rate24,500円
Late Night Rates29,700円
Bayshore Route
Flat Taxi Rate26,500円
Late Night Rates31,900円
Aqualine Route
Flat Taxi Rate39,000円
Late Night Rates46,800円

Narita Airport Flat-Rate Taxi Stand

Terminal01 1st floor bus stop
Terminal02 1st floor bus stop

When travelling to and from Narita Airport, give the EMITAS TAXI service a try!

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